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about us

German home tuition in an amazing world cultural heritage town in Bavaria? Here you have it! We are a nice little German school located in Bamberg, Germany.



Having fun when learning German in a good atmosphere helps our customers to learn real German and to love their experience here in our school



Rehearse your German at your level, Lessons in a personal atmosphere, Living and learning German, at your teacher’s house



We guarantee you a good learning experience based on methodology, culture and fun



Feel at home with German in Germany:
SprachHaus Bamberg




Language Course in Bamberg FileteOn this special programme, the students will live as a guest in the private teacher\’s home, receive intensive language tuition and immerse themselves completely in the German language. 
With such constant exposure to German, you can expect to gradually cease to think in your own language. 

Joint excursions round off the programme.Filete

Courses 1

1. Our standard program FileteWe offer you 20 private language lessons in the morning, Monday through Friday, plus 15 practical lessons in the afternoon and evening.
 Practical lessons can include shopping, going to concerts and the theatre, watching a German movie at the cinema or at home, visits of local pubs and breweries and a lot more activities to make you practice your German in Germany.
 The remaining day is at your free disposal. Your host family will be glad to give you suggestions for your leisure-time activities.

Courses 2_2

2. German around the clock – full immersion FileteIf you don’t have much time, but want or need to learn German quickly, then we can offer you 30 private lessons a week plus 20 practical lessons. It’s almost impossible to do more, for you will need enough time for your homework, too.
 German at breakfast, German lessons, German homework, German conversation, German at dinner and German on T.V. – only when you’re sleeping, we promise to you leave you without German!


3. Learn Anywhere in the world via Skype Sessions Filete
For those wishing to continue the learning journey after returning home from our program or for those not able to travel to Bamberg, we’ve developed a very effective course of study via Skype. With Skype videoconferencing it’s possible to have regular lessons with audio and video as if you are sitting in the same room with your teacher. Our students have reported a great experience with this offering and our teachers are as equally pleased. 
”I love my weekly lessons via Skype. The format and technology allows me to maintain my learning momentum and keeps me much more focused than self-study.”


4. Weekend-course “super-intensive” in Germany’s Dream city FileteYou live in Germany or abroad in a reachable distance?
 You are all too busy and you only can spend your rare weekend-time to refresh your knowledge of German? Then you are perfectly right with us!
 You may arrive on Thursday or Friday, and during 3 days you’ll get 16 hours of intensive German classes, full-board and a lot of time shared with the teacher’s family (City tour and beer degustation inclusive). A perfect solution for busy business people!Filete


5. German exam preparation – With stress management training Filete

Succeed in exams – learn to cope with exam stress. This course is run in cooperation with a qualified educational therapist. The course is particularly suited to those who suffer from anxiety in the run-up to exams, concentration disorders or burn-out syndrome. You will learn how to manage pre-exam anxiety and how to succeed in exams. If you want to be able to cope under exam conditions, you’ve come to the right place.

You will focus on:
> developing your self-confidence
> confidence in applying what you have learnt
> time management under exam conditions
> working under simulated exam conditions.

Aims and focus of the courses:
The emphasis is on spoken German. The focus is placed on the acquisition of language for either everyday or business use, or both, depending on your needs.

The course material will be determined according to the individual requirements of the student.

You will be taught by qualified and experienced teachers and will find you have made real progress in a surprisingly short time. Our courses are for learners who wish to reach their language goals as soon as possible.

Class activities:
> Learning german always with a smile
> Regular computer aided lessons
> Our main goal: express yourself in German

> Exam preparation at Sprachhaus Bamberg


Cultural awareness Filete

What does this mean to us?
Awareness of the fact that culture has left its mark on every human being, and is deeply rooted in our own personalities.
Awareness of the fact that misunderstandings are quite often a result of cultural differences and could be avoided through goodwill and increased cultural knowledge.
Awareness of the fact that every culture has similar basic values and deserves the same respect as one’s own culture.

The Sprachhaus in Bamberg is a place where people from different cultures meet; intercultural communication is practiced here every day. As language and culture are inseparable, learning a foreign language also opens the door to the culture of those countries where that language is spoken. For this reason, language tuition at The Sprachhaus is always intercultural too.German history and geography, manners and customs, German dialects, craziness and oddities, the waste recycling system, the transition to greener energy, plus a healthy dose of German “angst” – all of this contributes to, and enriches, our language lessons.

Success in one’s profession, and in business in general, in today’s global economy, crucially depends on one factor: intercultural competence. Not for nothing is it referred to as the key competence of the 21st century. Intercultural competence goes far beyond the knowledge of a foreign language. It requires fully understanding one’s own culture, which is almost invisible as it is often taken for granted. Only by confronting it with another culture, for instance as experienced during an intensive language stay, does it begin to take real shape and form.

This makes us very interested in your image and perceptions of Germany.Tell us what you’ve heard, read, seen and experienced. And how’s the rest of the world seen in Germany? Let’s find out together and separate what is actually true from popular mythology. Stereotypes, prejudices, clichés; these are a good way to kick off a conversation and gain new insights about each other. But always with a friendly wink and a smile of course.


Exclusively in January and February: Enjoy your stay while snowflakes are whirling outside… Learning German in relaxed atmosphere. Spend your days with your teacher’s familiy. Combine having fun in learning German with your very special and individual wellness program.

“Your Winter’s Tale”: one week for 1.190,- €

> 4 lessons per day

> Accomodation in the guest-room (separate toilet) including halfboard

> Visit Bad Staffelstein’s thermal bath
> 1 x Relaxation Massage in your teacher’s house
Sojourn in Bamberg’s “Salzgrotte” (salt grotto)
> Daily Nordic-Walking through the delightful hills of Kloster Michaelsberg (e.g. Schöpfungsweg)

Long stay term


New in the program:
Long-term stays for 3 or more months
We are now able to offer the possibility for a long-term stay with Sprachhaus Bamberg.

Perhaps you would like to, or indeed must intensively learn german and have several months in which to do this? In addition to acquiring german language skills, perhaps you would like to get a closer understanding of german culture? Perhaps you need to acquire the necessary level in order to study or work in a german speaking country? If so, then this if the ideal opportunity for you.

With a long-term stay with the Sprachhaus in Bamberg, decide according to your needs and objectives, when is most convenient for you. Choose how many hours per week, from 6 to 30 hours, everything is possible and each long-term stay can be individually customised.

Flexibility is possible:
If you would like to combine your long-term stay with time out to travel within Germany, then let us know.

Year abroad for students:

If you are a student and wish to spend a year abroad at a german school, then we can help organise that and put you in touch with suitable families and also organise additional language lessons.

What does it cost? The price is €880 inclusive of food (full board) and accomodation.

For students wanting to prepare for studying in Germany, we can offer 12 hours a week of tuition as well as food (full board) and accomodation for the cost of €1380 per month, for up to 6 months.

For adults wanting to stay for 3 or more months, we can offer food (half board) and accomodation, for the cost of €160 per week. How many lessons taken per week, will of course affect the final price. As an example a stay of 3 months or more with 10 hours per week of one-to-one tuition, would cost €1800 per month. With 15 hours per week of one-to-one tuition, the cost would be €2400 per month.

For any stays depassing 6 months, then of course we can offer a further reduction.


Immerse yourself in the beauty of two famous UNESCO World Cultural Heritage cities while learning German in a special atmosphere. This unique program includes 2 full weeks of immersion German learning in Bamberg (see our German Around the Clock program) and an engaging and entertaining weekend escape to Weimar. In Weimar, enjoy long walks with your teacher on the path of Goethe and Schiller while staying at a holiday home and sampling the local cuisine.

> Four 45-minute individual lessons per day
> Bamberg accomodation in a comfortable guest-room (separate toilet) incl. halfboard. 11 Days/10 Nights.
> Weimar accomodation in a guest house (separate apartment) incl. halfboard. 3 days/2 nights.
> Weimar: visit the Goethe House, Goethe Garden House, Schiller House, Fürstengruft, world famous Anna Amalia Bibliothek. Buchenwald Concentration Camp (on demand).
> Enjoy a traditional dinner complete with local specialities.
> Bamberg: visit the Dom, Rosengarten, Altenburg, the original 1000-year old Middle Ages Alte Hofhaltung (the only original one remaining in the world), Michaelsberg and the famous smoked-beer Brewery Schlenkerla.

Price: two weeks for 2.980,- € (including entrance fees, transportation, tours and home tuition program with half board)
other famous German cities, such as Heidelberg or Berlin, are available on request. Please feel free to contact us, we will be glad to arrange your stay according to your wishes.


Enjoy culinary strolls through traditional German cooking.
Learn German – and everything around the subject of kitchen, baking and cooking.
Why not combine fun in learning with the titillation of your palate?

“Andrea\’s Special for Bon Vivants”: one week\’s fee 1.290,- €

> Four 45-minute individual lessons per day
> Accomodation in the guest-room (separate toilet) including halfboard
> Compose a seasonal menu; all you need to know about healthy ingredients; shopping tour
> Cooking together according to classical German recipies
> Arranging a menu with several courses
> Degustation of Franconian wine and tasting of several Bamberg beers (Franconian wine / Bamberg breweries)
> Tasting several Bamberg specialties (e.g. Schäuferla, “Bamberger Zwiebel”…)

   All in the company of your teacher!


Speak about German Beer, and improve your German: living in your private teachers\’ home – learning at pub(lic place)s
Escape from your everyday life and treat your senses to beverages from Franconia. Spend a good time with your teacher and her family, discover the brewing culture of Franconia while learning German. Combine study with cultural tourism.

Fill your head with new words through wetting your tongue with new flavours.
… and this is in the package included:

> 4 hours of tuition per day
> Half-board accommodation in a guest room
> Beer tasting with Bamberg Beer Sommelier

All in the company of your teacher!
Price for one week: € 1.450.- • Price for two weeks: € 2.750.-



Accelerated Learning German
Individual Lessons
Distance learning
Lessons via Skype skype-logo-1
Immersion Learning Experience
Preparation for all German
– Language Certification tests -

Business German Home-stay

Corporate and Children’s Courses
Custom-tailored language experience
For adults and children
Experience first hand Bamberg
– World Heritage Site and Beer City -

Cultural Awareness Training
Conversation Course
Italian & Spanish Lessons
Seasonal Special Offers




Your host: The Herrmann Family

Andrea Herrmann

Andrea Herrmann

I grew up in northwestern Germany and found my way through Switzerland and France to Bamberg, where I graduated in Germanistics at the University of Bamberg.

The love for other cultures and people, and a large dose of curiosity were the reasons for founding SprachHaus Bamberg.

My credo: you can reach your language targets in a playful and enjoyable way with a lot of humor!

Carlo Herrmann

Carlo Herrmann

I grew up in a binational family, which kind of marked me for life, and got an incredibly warm reception I’ll never forget when I was learning Spanish in Spain.

SprachHaus is so much more than just a language school: it’s an unique and irresistible mixture of language learning and training, intercultural communication and training, psychology, hospitality and last not least good cuisine. My issues are Italian language and culture, business and organizational psychology and German history (especially the “dark times”). As an interculturalist, I’m a member of www.sietar-deutschland.de


C. Erik Berkenkamp

I’ve learned how to speak the best German – High German – in my hometown near Bremen in northern Germany.

At the University of California at Davis I’ve learned the best methods for teaching German. To understand each type of German I’ve learned in Bavaria.
Further reading!

Also watch here!


Jasmin Haderlein

Originally, I come from the beautiful Bamberg region. I studied German Studies/German as a foreign language and Spanish in Bamberg and Sevilla. After several years teaching at Spanish universities and also at the Goethe-Institut now, I inspire people for the German language and culture in Bamberg. Furthermore, I teach German at the University of Erlangen.

The most important for me: Whether writing, speaking or grammar, the fun should not be missed out.

Amelie Ellinger

Amelie Ellinger

I graduated in German as a foreign language in Bamberg. I taught German in Ankara, Turkey, and at two universities in Germany. Since 2012 I live in Munich and teach in various courses, such as integration courses and German for the job.

Moreover, I’m giving Skype lessons for SprachHaus Bamberg. Language has its own logic – experiment, play, argue with her and you earn not only a new language but also a new belief!

Sigrun Wunderlich

Sigrun Wunderlich

Been working in private practice since 13 years, with learning training and exam preparation for ten years. 
These are the coordinates of my work.

My therapeutic credo: 
vitality, awareness, responsibility and humor. Life is movement and change, and each day a new opportunity to be happy.

About Bamberg

Bandera Filete

Why choose Bamberg to learn German?

If you are considering interesting places to learn German, you would most probably think of Berlin, Heidelberg, Munich, or another of the many famous German towns and cities which are well known all over the world. But Bamberg? Never heard of it. Well, if that’s the case, allow us to introduce you to this city of 70,000 inhabitants, located in northern Bavaria.

Even if you had no particular reason for learning German, you would want to come and see Bamberg anyway. The beauty of this city has achieved worldwide recognition over the last two decades. However, as a student actually living in Bamberg, you would get a different view of the city, discovering fascinating places which tourists do not usually get to see.

In one way, Bamberg is a typical German city; it has an historic ‘Old Town’ which has retained its original structure and buildings, many of which date from the early Middle Ages. This is one of the reasons that Bamberg was awarded UNESCO World Heritage status in 1993. German and European Middle Ages and Baroque history have not only been preserved, but also exist as a living and vital part of modern life.

For the visitor, Bamberg is an accessible city with short streets and is constructed on a human scale. One can reach many important locations on foot, and for those who prefer to explore on two wheels, there are ample cycle paths.

Bamberg offers plenty of variety; the cultural and gastronomic choice is of high quality and able to satisfy almost any taste. Its major sights can be easily seen during the course of a week’s stay. In this way, the city offers its students a perfect balance between study and relaxation.

In addition, Bamberg is a very hospitable city. You can always find somebody to give you directions, and it’s pretty easy to begin a conversation with the locals in one of the city’s many pubs, so you can practise your German straight away.

Despite its antiquity, Bamberg is a youthful city. It has a lot of schools, a university with around 13,000 students, and the large number of pavement cafes, pubs and clubs ensure that the streets are filled with young people night and day.

In a word, the combination of tradition, culture and quality of life in Bamberg proves irresistible to its visitors.



This page shows some examples of our´s customer gratification after staying with us. For us, this is the perfect prove that learning german can be done with fun, attitude and of course interest.



Standard program

1.200 €
  • 20+15 per week
  • single room with half-board
  • Price per week
  • 3rd and further weeks 1.000 €

German around the clock: Full immersion

1.650 €
  • 30+20 per week
  • single room with full-board
  • Price per week


-super intensive-

900 €
  • Number of lessons:
  • 16+8
  • Accommodation:
  • Single room with full-board
  • price per weekend

Online lessons: via Skype

400 €
  • 60 MIN EACH


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Included in the price:

> Private tuition
> Conversation and joint activities
> Teaching materials in the form of photocopies, listening comprehensions and books
> Discussion and advice on learning methods
> Single room accommodation
> Half-board
> Full board on request (extra charge)
> In the evenings you can take part in TREFFPUNKT activities and get to know plenty of other people.
> Enrolment

To register, please use our enrolment form. You can send it online, by mail or by email. We would like to talk to you before your arrival. Over the phone we can discuss your interests and goals and deal with any further questions you may have. If you should have any further queries, please write us at: post@sprachhaus-bamberg.de

SprachHaus Bamberg
Tel: 0049/9543/4449805
E-Mail: post@sprachhaus-bamberg.de
Internet: www.sprachhaus-bamberg.de

Arrival and departure:

Arrival and departure times and dates will be agreed on an individual basis with the student. We would be happy to collect you from Bamberg station or organize your transfer from and to the closest airports: Nuremberg (60 km), Frankfurt (220 km), Munich (220 km).

You can find us here!



Sprachhaus Bamberg
Andrea Herrmann
Am Weinberg 23

96129 Strullendorf
Tel: 0049/9543/4449805
Mail: post@sprachhaus-bamberg.de

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